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At Dunbar & Co Inc we provide our clients with solutions to their home issues. Issues that can include inherited unwanted houses, liens, under water mortgages, pre-foreclosures, and any other situations that require fast and easy closing.


Our team is devoted to helping others move forward with easy home selling options.

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How fast is the whole process?

Depending on the status of the title and the terms of the offer, the whole process can take anywhere between 10 to 30 days from contract closing. 

Do I have to fix or clean anything out the home?

You do not have to fix anything when you sell yo ur property. We will purchase the property in “as is” condition.  Also, we ave resources that can get the property cleaned out, but we do ask you provide us with arrangements to make these services happen at the bringing of the process. 


How do I get paid? Who pays off my mortgage when I sell my house?

Once the property is closed funds are distributed in one of two ways:

 ⁃ by certified bank check 

 ⁃ Direct wire to your bank 

The title company will issue funds directly to you at closing. They will also pay off any mortgages, taxes owed and any other items that are due. 

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